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प्रकाशित मितिः  २०६७ साल, श्रावण १३ गते, विहीवार  29 July 2010

अंग्रेजी नेपाली शब्दकोश

अंग्रेजी - नेपाली धार्मिक, ज्योतिष शब्द संग्रह


Dr. Regmi, former lecturer in English

 Gupteshwor Campus, Parbat, Nepal.


Ray, light, radiance c+z'

Sun c+z'dfnL

Untimely death csfn d[To'

Aerial   cfsfz]

Virgin   s'df/L

Profession of writing cIf/hLlj

Literally cIf/zM

Imaginary line drawn from the north pole to south pole cIf/]vf

Latitude cIff+z (imaginary geographical line run from east to west)

Cremation  clUgsd{, bfx;+:sf/

Fire pit clUgs'08, dSsn

Rocket clUgjf0f

Fore runner cu|ufdL

Predecessor cu|h

Leading cu|0fL

Arithmetic c+s ul0ft

Brahma chGdf, j|Xdf

Moreover cem}

Two and a half c9}of

Testicle c08sf]if

Excessive rain cltj[li6

Additional edition of a magazine cltl/Qm c+s

Excessive cToGt} Hofbf

Hyperbole cltzof]lQm

Diarrhoea kvfnf

Metaphysical cltlGb|o

Extereme ctLj

Profound cyfx

Sin, injustice cwd{

Sinful cwdL{

Intercalary month clwsdf;

Leap year  clwsjif{

Degenerated cwf]ult

Low thought cwf]dlt

Underline cwf]/]vf

Insight - celestial cGt1f{g

Born in the lowest cast cGToh

Funeral rites cGTo]i6L Funeral sacrifice cGTo]i6L

Violence cGwfw'Gw

Feeding ceremony cGgk|fzg

To send off a bride b'nxL cGdgfpg'

Elsewhere cGoq

Otherwise cGoyf

Disgrace ckhz

Early afternoon ck/fGx

Arrogant 3d08L, dxfd"v{

Line of the ecplise cogj[t

Swrawan and Magh cog ;qmflGt

Vessel c3f}{tf], k~rkfqf]

Homage cr{gf, >4f~hnL

Crescent, half-moon cw{rGb|

Offering ck{0f

Evil omen cnIf0f

Ignorant cNk1

Descended cjtl/t

Incarnated cjtl/t

Period, term cjlw

Hatred ckdfg

State cj:yf

Situated cjl:yt

Bachelor cljjflxt

Impurity cfzf}r

Eighth day of the solar or lunar fortnight ci6dL

Hail stone cl;gf

Set, decline, fall c:t

Self-conceit cx+sf/

Day and night cxf]/fq

Pupil cfFvfsf] gfgL

Hospitality cfltYo

Period of mourning cfzf}r

Lunar calender ;f}o{df;

Sorcery, Magic OGb|hfn

Paradise OGb|nf]s, :ju{

Desired Oi6, jfl~5t

This life Oxlnnf

Envious Oiof{n'

North eastern quarter O{zfGo]

Somewhat Oift, clnslt

The sun's northward progress pQ/fo0f

Latter part pQ/fw{

Festival pT;j

Thrive pbfpg'

Eminent pbe6, jl/i7

Fasting pkjf;, j|t

The sacred thread j|tjGw

Upadhyaya = Name of a superior brahmin ljlzi6 j|fXd0f

Devotee pkf;s

Reverence pkf;gf, >4f

To fast pkf:g'

Menstruation, period dlxgfjf/L

Vedic verse Crf

Sage Clif

Oen act play Psf+sL

The eleventh day in a lunar forthnight PsfbzL

Daybreak Psfljxfg}

Thus, so Pj+, o:tf] k|sf/n]

For this reason Ptby{

Excitement P /fQ}

Downward descent cf]/fnf]

Last day of the dark fort-night of a lunar month cf++}:ofxf

Grumble srsrfpg'

Letter of appreciation sb/kq

The ceremony of piercing the ears s0f{j]w

Evil omen s';fOt

Millet sf]bf] -afh/f lxGbLdf_

Ceremony of shaving the head Iff}/ sd{

Total eclipse vu|f;

Astronomy vuf]n ljBf

Vessel vuf}tf]

Blame vtaft

Ceremonial bath vNsf]

Chuckling lvTsf 5f8]/

Abortion ue{ktg

Propitiation of hostile planets u|xzflGt

Dull, stupid UjfFh]

Bell, gong 306f

Ceremonial entry 3/k}+rf]

Sunshine 3fd, 3dfOnf]

Metre 5Gb

Sacrificial deeds hhdfgL

Birth anniversary hGdf]T;j

Amulet, Charm hGt/

Mutter hKg'

Biography hLjg rl/q

Life story hLjgsyf

Whatsoever h];'s} xf];

Astronomy, astrology Hof]ltif

Jyoti = Light

Astrologer, Astronomer Hof]ltlj{b, Hof]ltifL, vuf]nljb

Son-in-law HjfO{+

Millet sf]bf] -Hjf/ lxGbLdf_

Volcano Hjfnfd'vL

Brief note l6kg

Remark l6Kk0fL

Quarterly q}dfl;s

Scripture wd{u|Gy

By God w/f]wd{

Adopted daughter wd{k'qL

Deed of trust wd{k'q

Secular wd{lg/k]If

God-father wd{lktf

House for pilgrims wd{zfnf

Virtuous wd{zLn

Righteous wdf{Tdf

Sermon wdf]{kb]z

Spiritual precepter wdf]{kb]zs

Newly born baby gjhft lzz'

Excrement gs{

Nine planets gju|x

Devil g/lkzfr

Kith and kin gftfuf]tf

Akin gftfbf/

Baptism gfdfs/0f

Hell gs{ Like hell

Godless, sceptic, atheistic heretical, infidel, atheist gfl:ts

Infidelity, atheism gfl:tstf

Slumber, sleep lgb|f

Asleep lglb|t

Demise-termination lgwg

Forehead, brow, fate-luck fortune, destiny lgwf/

Deduction lgisif{

Mean lgrf]

Prudent gLlt1

Eleventh day of its birth Gjf/g

Fortnight kflIfs

Partial, bias kIfkftL

Salvation k/dfgGb

Supreme spirit k/dfTdf

The Almighty k/d]Zj/


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